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Hi There! **waves**

I’m crashing Sophia Davis’ blog today. Super excited to be here! I should tell you a little about myself so we can get acquainted. My name is Julie Hall. I just finished a young adult fantasy novel series titled Life After. My next project is a seven book dystopian/urban fantasy series set in Europe with ALL THE THINGS.

A few quick things you should know about me are:

  1. I’m obsessed with Red Bull . . . it is my writing juice!
  2. I really really REALLY want a baby sea otter, but no one will let me have one . . . sadness.
  3. Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence are my spirit animals . . . because they’re hilarious.

There, now you know all about me! At least the important stuff.

You can check out my finished Life After series here: www.LifeAfterBooks.com

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I hope to get to know you better!

Today I’ve included a little bonus for you guys. Below is a link to a playlist of songs that hit me as being just right for some of the imaginary folks from the Life After series as well as the books themselves. Enjoy!

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