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(Life After Book 2)

The battle is far from over . . .

When the lives of her loved ones are put in peril, who will Audrey turn to for help? On the surface, Audrey's existence in the afterlife is coming together. Her quirky new mentor guides her on the path to becoming the demon hunter she always hoped. She has great friends and even a kinda-sorta-maybe new boyfriend. But if things are so wonderful, why is Logan never far from her thoughts? 

After learning that her family is the target of an unprecedented demonic siege Audrey puts all she’s gained in jeopardy by defying heavenly authorities and returning to Earth. Stranded at the place she once called home with the one person she's been desperate to forget, she'll face vicious monsters, betrayers, and a legion of demons with an insidious weapon that even her celestial sword can't defeat. 

Will Audrey’s mistakes in the afterlife be what destroys the lives of the ones she loves the most?

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Love + Praise

Julie Hall has done it again. Warfare is a wildly creative sequel to Huntress packed with heart pounding adventure, plot twists that leave you reeling and thank goodness more Logan! You will not be disappointed.
Leia Stone, USA Today Bestselling author of the Matefinder series
Warfare has everything I want in a YA novel: romance, action, and a whole lot of heart. I was captivated from the first page to the last.
Everly Frost, author of the Mortality series.
Not since Frank Peretti, has an author had the writing genius to weave together spiritual and physical worlds into a believable epic journey. Julie Hall is destined to be one of the great fiction writers of our time. Her first work will keep young adults riveted, expanding their sense of wonder and challenging them to think about forces and powers beyond what they can see.
Rebecca Hagelin, Bestselling Author and Columnist for The Washington Times
Julie Hall is a big talent and Warfare is a triumph. Hall’s ability to imagine and build worlds is masterful. With heavenly prose, she creates a realm rich with imagery and vivid, resilient characters. Warfare is a page-turner with action-packed demon-slaying, swoon-worthy romance, and nail-biting suspense, but the complexity of the story lies in the vulnerability of the characters and their raw, relatable emotions. You won’t want to reach the end, but once you do…you’ll want to read it again.
Megan Whitson Lee, Award-winning author of Captives and Suburban Dangers
Julie Hall is set to take the YA world by storm with her Life After series. With a quick-witted heroine, intricate truths, and a battle between light and dark, fantasy readers will devour this story!
Mandy Fender, Award-winning author of the Defier series
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